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Know Yourself

Know Yourself

Instead of seeing being an introvert as a problem, recognize it as a strength. Understand what you're good at and use that to your advantage.


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In short, the article encourages introverts to embrace their natural traits, focus on what they love, listen to others, and support new ideas, as these qualities can help them succeed in their careers.

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Written communication

Introverts are usually much better at written rather than oral communication. If you’re that kind of an introvert, take advantage of it.

As an introvert, you can easily be good in self-advertising, only in a different kind of way; there’s no need for you to greet big...

Understanding people and your environment

Being a good listener is a very important skill and as an introvert, you can develop an outstanding ability to pay attention to what people are saying.
If you’re an introvert, you’re much more sensible to any stimuli from the environment. Therefore make sure that you turn off your phon...

Energizing Yourself

Being both an introvert and an extrovert(as per the requirement) is about how you are able to energize yourself, refilling your mental energy tank. It can be a 15-minute break sitting alone, or a trek with a group of people, or even sitting in a buzzing cafe.

One has to balance the...

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