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Step 2: Is this a million-dollar opportunities?

  • Find the size of market, cost of your product/ service, and total value
  • Size of Market X Cost of Product/ Service = Market opportunity
  • See if it’s a million-dollar idea or not


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Million Dollar Weekend - Noah Kagan

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The Size Of The Market

  • Total Addressable Market (TAM): the universe where your product lives
  • Served Available Market (SAM): the people that can be reached via your sales channel
  • Target Market: those who are your most likely customers.

2. Original Ideas are Rare

2. Original Ideas are Rare

Competition inspires innovation. It doesn’t matter if your grand idea is already taken and someone else is reaping its success.

Take the base of that idea and improve upon it. Find out what your competitors are doing wrong and where they’re falling short an...

6 common pricing strategies for small businesses (part 1)

  • Cost-plus pricing: You make the product, add a fixed percentage on top of the costs, and sell it for the total.
  • Competitive pricing: It refers to using competitors’ pricing data as a benchmark and consciously pricing your products below theirs.

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