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Validate your business idea by getting paid

  • Ffind three customers in 48 hours who will give you money for your idea
  • You’re allowed only 48 hours
  • Collect money upfront


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Hi there, I love the idea of summarising ideas for people to digest new content at ease. That's what the world needs more!

Million Dollar Weekend - Noah Kagan

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The idea is not the start-up

The idea is not the start-up

When you raise money, it is not an achievement, it’s an obligation. When you raise money, you’re not just answerable to your customers but you’re also answerable to investors because they desire a return. Because they’ve raised money from someone who is also looking for a return....

Validate Your Side Hustle

Your side hustle idea may seem awesome and disruptive to you, but your potential customers will likely ignore it like most “brilliant ideas” or even not have a need for it. So, ensure you're not creating a solution to a problem that doesn't exist, as this is one of the top causes of startup failu...

Getting Early Traction

  • Getting your first customers is hard. To convince people to take a chance on an unproven product you’ll need to do things that may not scale. The same goes true for keeping those customers happy. 
  • Before your company finds product market fit, trying to grow too quickly can be a dange...

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