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Set clear time points

Set clear work time. Do the task at the exact time. You won't be able to stop yourself from procrastination once you ignore the the deadline.

Stick to your time limit.


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Procrastination is a really common problem.I am writing this post to procrastinate my study schedule on Information and Communication Technology exam ironically.Anyways.Following are two short ways to prevent the problem from worsening

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Set Clear Goals

  • Set very clear goals for yourself and be realistic about what you would be able to accomplish. Do it on a daily basis.
  • Create lists for the day and highlight your top priorities.
  • Double-check any important memos, give yourself extra time to prepare assign...

What you can do

  • Stop procrastination: Just do it.
  • Clear priorities: Set it and then start working
  • Finish line in sight: Make sure you can see the finish line in the near future, or work toward it faster
  • Build teamwork:

Set boundaries

No one can or should be on 24/7. Yet you probably feel you are--because you allow yourself to be.

Set some boundaries: the time you'll stop working, certain times you'll do things with your family, certain times you won't take calls, etc. Then let people know those bo...

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