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Mind's Fields

Mind's Fields

- Sheldrake proposes that the mind also extends beyond the body through similar fields.

- This suggests that consciousness is not just brain-bound but interacts with these fields.

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The Global Neuronal Workspace (GNW)

  • GNW argues that consciousness arises from a specific type of information processing, known from the beginnings of AI, when specialized programs would access a small, shared repository of information.
  • According to GNW, consciousness is when incoming sensory information is broadcast ...

Benefits of Pranayama for Brain

Benefits of Pranayama for Brain

The process of breathing creates a link between the physical body and the mind. The effects of yogic breathing techniques are quite different from the usual breathing, as it stimulates the unconscious mind also.

Pranayama in itself comes under physical activity but its effect is beyond phys...

The brain is the primary mover and shaper of the mind

The brain is the primary mover and shaper of the mind

Reasonable working hypothesis is that the mind is what the brain does.

What flows through your mind sculpts your brain. Thus, you can use your mind to change your brain for the better.

All that information is what we define broadly as the mind, most of which is forever outside your aw...

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