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Focus on the Process

Focus on the Process

Success should be seen as a byproduct of dedication to the process rather than an end goal.

By focusing on the work itself rather than seeking recognition, we can achieve more meaningful and sustainable success. The shift in this focus helps mitigate the ego's need for recognition and validation.


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I wrote down key points from anything that I consume, mostly books.

Ryan Holiday uses a lot of historical examples and practical advice to illustrate his points in this book. The book serves as a guide for individuals at all stages of their careers to achieve their full potential by overcoming the enemy within—their own ego.

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Focus on the process

It is better to focus on the process rather than the outcome. When you focus on the outcome, you slow your growth.

Commit to consistent practice. Focus on the process of getting better every single day. 

The KeyWords

  1. Present Moment Focus: By concentrating on the task at hand, without the pressure of the end goal, we can achieve a state of flow, making our work more enjoyable and effective.
  2. Process Over Product: St...

Change your focus when saving money

Whenever you try to save money, try focusing on the process itself rather than the final goal. For instance, telling yourself that this is a temporary situation might prove extremely useful and help the time pass faster.

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