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Improved Productivity - Part 1

Improved Productivity - Part 1

Less Stress + More Time = Improved Productivity

This is an equation that works for any business, but works best for a home-based one. If follows that if you can find a couple of extra hours a day and spend them working at something you really feel good about doing you will get more done each day. The more valuable work you do the more productive you are and hence the more income you can generate.


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Here are just the advantages of starting from home, which are covered in pages 4-8 of this book.

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Productivity And More Work

Productivity And More Work

If you become more productive and start finishing work earlier people may expect you to find more stuff to do to fill in the remaining hours. You can leverage that extra work into a promotion or raise – or convince your boss to adopt a telecommuting plan so you can work from home.


Common Productivity Myths

  • Good multitaskers get more done. In reality, research shows people get more done if they focus on one task at a time.
  • Zero emails in your inbox at the end of your day is essential. Inbox zero does not work for everyone. Find a method that works bes...

The role of effort

The role of effort

For most types of work you can increase your productivity by increasing the intensity of your work. No more watercooler chats or lingering over emails.

Some productivity systems admit that we can get more done within the same time. But scheduling every moment of your w...

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