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Improved Productivity - Part 2

Improved Productivity - Part 2

If you can make £20 an hour in your business the every extra hour you work is to your advantage. Spend the four hours you might have spent travelling at productive work and you have an extra £80 a day. Do that five days a week for 48 weeks and you have an extra £19,200 of productive output. That makes a home-based business around a fifth more productive than the average business is in its early years.


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Just a knowledge-greedy teenager that has a keen interest learning new things!

Here are just the advantages of starting from home, which are covered in pages 4-8 of this book.

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Many ambitious people don't stay aware of how their time is spent.

Track the time you spend on work and personal tasks. For extra clarity, assign an hourly rate to your time based on the salary you would like to make. Calculate the cash value of hours spent on things that get you clo...

The 80/20 approach vs. 10,000 hours rule

  • The 80/20 method: You can get 80 % proficiency in a subject in about 6 - 12 months.
  • The 10,000-hour rule: You can become an expert at something if you spend 10,000 hours of deliberate practice on it. 

To go from zero to 80% (good enough) requires a different...

Remote work means flexibility

When we work remotely, we don't have to replicate the nine-to-five workday. Remote work means you have flexibility, so you can order your work that will suit you.

Some people will split their days into two four-four blocks, with a four-hour break in the mi...

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