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Remote work means flexibility

When we work remotely, we don't have to replicate the nine-to-five workday. Remote work means you have flexibility, so you can order your work that will suit you.

Some people will split their days into two four-four blocks, with a four-hour break in the middle. Others may swap a weekday morning for a weekend one. Ensure that your coworkers are aware of when you are and aren't working.

Remote workers work more

Remote workers work more

Loving your job often means that you may be working more. It's harder to stop when you care.

It's deceptive to think that remote work means that you can start and stop whenever you want. Bloomberg reported that people who started working from home since the beginning of the pandemic are working three hours longer per day.

Don't use time to measure productivity

Remote work is about trust. Research shows that remote workers put in more hours, so any time-tracking may be a waste of time.

Moreover, micromanaging gives a message that employees won't do their jobs unless someone is watching over their shoulder. That message can be demoralising.

Don't replace your commute with more work

When you're working from home, don't work more. Use that flexibility to bring more balance in your life, not less.

There's no commute when we work remotely, which can easily add extra hours to our day. It can be tempting to pour these hours into work. Working longer often means burnout, which means doing less. It is best to make a routine to prevent work from consuming our day.

Wrap up your day when it's done

If you work longer than reasonable, consider creating a system that ends your work session.

You could wrap up your day by reviewing what you spent time on and what got done. Look at your completed tasks from your to-do list and check your time-tracking app. You may find that you accomplished a lot, which could bring closure to your day and help you to stop working.

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