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The Purpose Of Science

The Purpose Of Science

Science helps people understand the world around them and make informed decisions. It also provides knowledge and skills that are important for future life and occupations, contributing to economic and social progress


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I am on a personal journey to discover myself and to better understand my role in the universe. To live a good life and to be a good husband, parent and provider. Where possible share the knowledge that I collected.

Science is a Systematic endeavor for gaining knowledge

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The purpose of reading

The purpose of reading

The purpose of reading is not just raw knowledge. Reading is part of the human experience. It helps you find meaning, understand yourself, and make your life better.  

Don’t Underestimate Science Fiction

  • Sci-Fi fans have often been categorized as geeks, who are disconnected from reality.
  • The fantasy world they encapsulate their minds in requires creating story worlds that increase their emotional quotient, mental resilience and problem solving skills.
  • Good science fiction ...

When science can't answer big questions

Science can put people on the moon and give us things like iPads. Science is the best way to understand the material world, but it can't answer the most important questions in life.

For example, science can't say anything substantive about love, beauty, purpose in ...

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