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I am on a personal journey to discover myself and to better understand my role in the universe. To live a good life and to be a good husband, parent and provider. Where possible share the knowledge that I collected.

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About The Book

A world-class business education in a single volume. Learn the universal principles behind every successful business, then use these ideas to make more money, get more done, and have more fun in your life and work.

Paul Goosen (@paulgoosen) - Profile Photo



Small Business Concepts


What is personal skills audit?

A skills audit is a written document that clearly lays out all the skills you currently have and how advanced those skills are. It will also document what skills you need for your dream career, where the gaps are in your skill set and how you gain the skills you need.

Earth Overshoot Day

Earth Overshoot Day marks the date when humanity’s demand for ecological resources and services in a given year exceeds what Earth can regenerate in that year. In 2021, it falls on July 29.

Agile mindset

Agility is the ability to be quick and graceful. Agile mindsets focus more on core values such as: Respect, Accountability, Collaboration, Being adaptive to change, learning cycles and improvement.

An Agile mindset helps to easily overcome obstacles and not get stuck when unexpected events happen.

What is holding you back?

Sometimes there are certain situations or challenges that are completely out of your control (such as the power going out on your block) that can prevent you from being as successful as you otherwise might be. But, there's also the possibility that you're holding yourself back because of one of the following twenty-five reasons.

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