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Look Nice

Look Nice

  • Dress nice
  • Hair in buns, Clip, or slicked back
  • Not too much makeup
  • Look put together


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2. Look sharp

Foggle says some job seekers make the mistake of donning distracting attire. “Don’t do anything to the extreme, unless you know that that’s the culture at the company,” she cautions. “Wearing too much perfume, too much makeup, too many designer logos—those are the things you want to avoid.”

14. They care about how they look, but hate being superficial

INFJs don’t put too much thought into how they look and dress. They are aware enough about society to know what is acceptable and have a fear of standing out. They put in an adequate amount of effort into looking the best and call it good. 

It’s easy for them to get wrapped up in fitting in...


It’s nice to look back on your life and see things as lessons, and not regrets.


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