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5. Make Habits Satisfying

Key Idea: Reward yourself to reinforce the habit.

Example: If you complete your study session, reward yourself with a small treat or a break to do something you love.


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Think about your daily routine. Maybe you want to be better at studying, get fitter, or spend more time on hobbies. Sometimes, making these changes can feel overwhelming, like you need to overhaul your entire life. But what if you only needed to make tiny changes to see big results over time? That’s the idea behind "Atomic Habits." Small habits, repeated consistently, can lead to significant transformations.

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<4> Make it satisfying

<4> Make it satisfying

  1. Once you complete your ritual just reward your self because the habit after which you are rewarded is repeated continuously but the one after you are punished is stopped automatically
  2. Use a habit tracker and don't break the streak if you break it one day come back to track the other ...

Tiny Habits

  • While trying to form a habit, starting in small increments and utilizing self-motivating feelings of positivity and celebration are strong catalysts and help reinforce the changes.
  • To make lasting changes in our lives, we need to break them down into small, easy to do ‘Tiny Habits’, ...

Quitting Bad Habits

If you want to quit a bad habit, start by identifying its 3 main parts: the cue, the routine, and the reward. After you check the cue and your routine that follows it, you can swap the routine with something good (or less bad) to do.

For example: If you feel the cue of smoking, replace...

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