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2. Make Habits Obvious

Key Idea: Make it easy to remember to do your new habit.

Example: If you want to drink more water, keep a water bottle on your desk or carry it with you everywhere.


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Think about your daily routine. Maybe you want to be better at studying, get fitter, or spend more time on hobbies. Sometimes, making these changes can feel overwhelming, like you need to overhaul your entire life. But what if you only needed to make tiny changes to see big results over time? That’s the idea behind "Atomic Habits." Small habits, repeated consistently, can lead to significant transformations.

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4. Hydrate yourself

4. Hydrate yourself

Carry a full water bottle everywhere you go and drink water it when you feel bored, hungry, nervous or stressed. 

It's important to stay hydrated but we often don't do it because the glass of water is not there.

BODY #2 Drink a Lot of water

BODY #2 Drink a Lot of water

Water, like sleep, is one of the essentials for our body. 

Drinking water improves your brain function, bodily functions, energy levels and mood.

Always have a water bottle next to you all the times so you remember to drink it. 

The Law of Least Effort

The Law of Least Effort

  • If you can make your good habits more convenient, you'll be more likely to follow through on them.
  • We try to follow a strict diet while we're out to dinner with friends. We try to concentrate while using a smartphone filled with distractions.
  • Idea is to create an environmen...

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