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4. Take Calculated Risks: Successful people take calculated risks and understand that significant rewards often come with a level of risk. They assess opportunities carefully and make informed decisions.


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Be a Calculated Risk-Taker

Astronauts are generally not risk-takers. They take calculated risks for something that they think is worthwhile.

As a startup founder, you may feel obliged to risk it all. But, you want to take calculated risks, not some blind, shot-in-the-dark. By implementing a ...

“The Opportunity Seeker”

They’re always looking to expand their options, and every financial decision is carefully calculated to maximize growth. 

The opportunity seeker has to watch out for taking on more risk with business initiatives or investment opportunities. Spending time with a profe...

Calculated Risks

Playing safe is easy, as we live in a fear-based world. This attitude prevents us from growing, taking any risk and to really live our lives. Taking strategic, calculated risks ups your odds to reach next-level money.

  • Plan ahead and strategize, weighing your options and eval...

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