1. Identify what matters most. - Deepstash

1. Identify what matters most.

For example:

Do you need to pay the bills with your business?

Do you lack the mental clarity to make good decisions?

Which one matters most?


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If you’re reading this, chances are, you’re ambitious. You want to build wealth, have meaningful relationships, be healthy, and gain freedom. But the truth is, tackling everything at once can do more harm than good.

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What Matters Most; Just Do It

What Matters Most; Just Do It

  • At any moment in time there can be only ONE Thing, and when that ONE Thing is in line with your purpose and sits atop your priorities, it will be the most productive thing you can do to launch you toward the best you can be.
  • A life worth living might be measured in many ways, but the...

5. What Matters Most

5. What Matters Most

It’s crucial for a relationship’s longevity to discuss what matters most to you personally and as a couple. There will be differences but it’s important to understand that personal time is as important as together time.

Focus on the things that matters most to each of you. Making sur...

 Identify Your Goal

Identify Your Goal

One of the most effective decision making strategies is to keep an eye on your goal.

This simply means identifying the purpose of your decision by asking yourself what exactly is the problem that needs to be solved? And why does this problem need to be solved?


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