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Time Management

Time Management

Prioritize tasks based on importance and impact, not urgency. Ferriss suggests using tools like the Eisenhower Matrix to categorize tasks and focus on what truly matters. This helps avoid busywork and ensures you spend your time on high-value activities.


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Making Priority

Eisenhower made one of the best decision in history during World War 2. In large part, it was due to his ability to prioritize.

He introduced the famous Eisenhower matrix, a 2x2 matrix which can help us to prioritize our tasks based on urgency and importance.

We should spend most of ...

1 – The Eisenhower Matrix Method

1 – The Eisenhower Matrix Method

The Eisenhower matrix is a simple but powerful tool to prioritize useful and remove useless tasks. We already talked about it once on the Challenge, and you also have an infographic to use i...

The Firefighter

The Firefighter

If you like being efficient and have no problem tackling new problems or emergencies but feel like everything is an emergency, then you’re a firefighter personality.

Solution: To avoid the stress of treating everything like a crisis, identify and p...

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