13. Building a House - Deepstash

13. Building a House

Laying one brick perfectly each day may not seem like much, but over time, it results in a strong, beautiful house.


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Building a home with intention

Building a home with intention

  • If your house does not feel like a home, it is important to take a good look at how you've designed your house.
  • The environment that surrounds you can greatly affect your mood, energy, and growth. A study found that a serene landscape mural significantly decrea...

Designate a Working Space

When you’re at work you probably have your own office or cubicle; this is an environmental association.

Pick one specific spot in your house to work from each day. Avoid areas that are already associated with relaxation like your bed.

Meaning In Terms Of Your Productivity

Meaning In Terms Of Your Productivity

It refers to all the little things we do each day that take just a few minutes, giving you the false impression you’re not it’s actually not unproductive since they may seem like they’re important as well.

You feel like those are things you have to do and don’t kill your pr...

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