The Stoics believed in practicing “ataraxia.” - Deepstash
The Stoics believed in practicing “ataraxia.”

The Stoics believed in practicing “ataraxia.”

This term means a state of serene calmness and untroubled mind, aiming to be indifferent to external events.


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Philosophy often seems daunting so I created list to jumpstart my interest in the topic again.

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4. Detachment from External Events

4. Detachment from External Events

• Individuals should cultivate a sense of detachment from external events and focus instead on their own inner state on oachieve a greater sense of peace and equanimity.

• Our emotions and reactions should not be dictated by external events but rather by our own rational judgments.

• ...

Stress defined

Stress defined

Stress is a state of mental tension or emotional strain due to adverse or demanding circumstances, events, and situations.

Stress is hard to measure and someone may be suffering from it while showing no external signs.

The Trichotomy Of Control

It states that most external events are out of our control and the only thing we can control is our own thoughts and actions.

  • If something is inside our control, we can take the necessary action and create the change we desire.
  • If it is outside our control, then we can be in...

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