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The Importance Of Data And Experimentation

The Importance Of Data And Experimentation

The Wright brothers meticulously recorded data from their experiments. Their scientific approach to gathering and analyzing data set them apart from other aviation pioneers of their time


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Discover how the Wright brothers' relentless curiosity and innovation took humanity to the skies in "The Wright Brothers" by David McCullough.

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Why use Deliberate Experimentation?

  1. Reduce the fear of failure because you’re framing it as an “experiment”. There are no right or wrong outcomes in scientific experiments, only data that supports or disagrees with the hypothesis.
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The difference between a hypothesis and a theory

  • A hypothesis is often the first step of the scientific method. It is a proposed and still-unproven explanation that can be tested through experiments and observations.

  • In science, a theory is a widely accepted idea backed by data, observ...

Outdated Methods Of Economic Analysis

Analyzing economic data is as simple as gathering historic and current data from the internet and using Excel or similar software to assemble it all into an easy-to-read chart. Anyone can do this. It doesn’t require special skills or tools.

Econometric analyses, on the other hand, are com...

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