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Everything can change and YOU can change it. It’s totally possible that if you work on yourself and you make the decision to change, one day you will feel completely different to the way you do right now.



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Self Reliance

If you’re waiting for someone to give you the right training to change your job or do something radically different in life you will wait forever. 

It’s up to you to train yourself. It’s the only way to learn anything. So make the time for it.

Do it now, and keep doing it consistently for 2 years

Do it now, and keep doing it consistently for 2 years

“I can 100% guarantee that if you, right now, decide to publish useful videos once or twice a week and do it for 2 years, your life will completely change. 2 years from now, you’ll send me a thank you email. 

The thing is, most of you watching right now won’t do it. Most people who start do...

Using the power of regret

Emotions can be used in two ways: To understand the way we feel, and to use it proactively to influence our future behaviour.

Regret happens after an event. We can't change the past, but we can harness regret to improve our future by visualising how our future self...

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