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"At Your Best" provides a roadmap for overcoming burnout and thriving by aligning your time, energy, and priorities.

By following Nieuwhof’s insights, you can achieve a balanced, productive, and fulfilling life.

  • Schedule all your priorities to keep your life aligned and focused.
  • Regularly reassess and adjust your time, energy, and priorities.
  • Embrace flexibility to handle life’s inevitable changes and challenges.


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High School Reading Teacher. Book lover. Sharing insights to inspire discovery. "Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body." – Joseph Addison

"At Your Best" by Carey Nieuwhof is a practical guide designed to help individuals overcome burnout and start thriving by aligning their time, energy, and priorities. The book's key insight is the importance of syncing these three core assets to achieve sustainable productivity and well-being. By following the principles outlined in this book, readers can learn how to manage their lives more effectively and start living at their best.

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Accepting that you can't do everything

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5. Seek out positive people

5. Seek out positive people

It’s difficult to look on the bright side when you’re surrounded by negativity. Seek out positive people to keep you balanced. A positive person can brighten your spirit.

Identify the positive people in your life. Proactively schedule time with them on a regular basis.

Build a supportive community

We can't have it all and do it all by ourselves. Building a supportive community across work colleagues and your personal life creates a balance to enable you to handle challenges and do more.

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