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The One-Business Focus

The One-Business Focus

Having multiple businesses might sound impressive, but it often leads to diluted efforts and poor results.

“It's so much easier to stack the deck in your favor if you just do one thing. When you focus on one thing, you make it unreasonable to fail.”


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1. Have a single purpose.

1. Have a single purpose.

“Focus on what matters most”. When we prioritise one single thing at a time it is easier to manage and complete to a good standard, instead of spreading our efforts over multiple endeavours. It is now proven that multi tasking is a passè.

Use your to-do list to boost your confidence

To build confidence for the big goals, you first need to focus on the smaller goals - the actions you take every day. What is the one thing you want to do the least? That is often the thing you're unsure about or worried that you might fail at.

The One Person Business

The One Person Business

The One Person Business model is creating content online. Not the way you think.

  • Learn a skill you love
  • Write about it
  • Teach others how to do the same thing
  • Build an audience along the way
  • Monetize it

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