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WHO? (customers)

  • Who is your customer and which customer segments do you mainly serve?
  • Who are your most important customers?
  • Who are other important stakeholders that need to be considered?
  • What kinds of relationships do your customers expect and how do you maintain them?
  • Who influences your customers (opinion leaders, stakeholders, users)?
  • Do different departments address the same customer segments differently?
  • What distribution channels do you use to serve your customers?
  • What actors are behind your customers? Will the same people be here for the next ten years?


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Your customers are the market, so having a customer-centric strategy is an obvious choice. The best way to have your customers involved in product development is by having them come up with the products. It means a much briefer market validation period because the solutions origi...

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A Hot List Of Your Best Customers

The best list of all is your own customer list.

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