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Passion For The Anatomy

Leonardo’s fascination with the human body led him to dissect corpses, meticulously documenting his findings. His anatomical drawings, such as the Vitruvian Man, displayed an unparalleled understanding of human proportions and physiology.


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Dive into the extraordinary life of Leonardo da Vinci, where art, science, and unquenchable curiosity merge to create timeless masterpieces and groundbreaking discoveries.

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Da Vinci's Studies in Anatomy

Da Vinci made many detailed drawings of both human and animal anatomy. His famous drawing of the Vitruvian Man is an example of his interest in the proportions of the human body. This drawingis a good example of how several of Da Vinci's scientific works could also be considered works of art....

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A Mechanical Genius

Leonardo da Vinci is renowned for his inventions, works of art, studies of architecture and anatomical drawings.

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In the 16th Century, Robert Burton wrote about the human condition, which can be classified as melancholy, a big book consisting of sad tales about everything, but written in a simple, readable style.

It was like an encyclopedia of misery, with the writer meditating on sad things...

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