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How to be more Productive in Life!

Leave The Other Things Behind - Whatever you need to do at home, whatever you need to fix in your life, if now is not the time in which you can fix it then do not worry about it now.Leave those things behind and focus on where you are. Deal with them when the time comes and only then.

  1. Make a Plan - So much time every day is lost because you do not have control over your time. The average person works less than 3 hours out of the 8 hour workday (Source: rsFollow a schedule, make that schedule fun, and take control of your time; it is the limiting resource of your life.
  2. Challenge Yourself - Too few people really push their limits. They do what is necessary, fall short of that, and often stop there saying “It’s good enough” If you live by that philosophy you will also always fall short of your dreams and goals and have to settle for what you get with “It’s good enough”…The problem is, that it will not be good enough and you know it. So take the extra step and fight a little harder!
  3. Surround Yourself with Winning Attitudes - Listen to people that want to reach higher, spend time with those, read what they wrote and consume as much time as possible with them or the things created by them.You are the average of the people you spend the most time with. Be careful as to who that turns you into.
  4. What if you only had 4 hours? - This is the core message of the book The 4-hour Workweek by Timothy Ferriss. What if you only had 4 hours to work this week? What would you need to accomplish? What holds the highest priority? What would you leave behind?Work with this in the back of your mind and you will “Eat the Frog” (Brian Tracy) and do what is necessary because you took “Extreme Ownership” (Jocko Willink) resulting in a far more effective day.
  5. Smile and be Excitable - Think back as to how you felt during school on your birthday. You were giddy with excitement of the party you had after school, everything was about you that day, and, for some reason, even though the schoolwork was the same it felt a lot easier on those days.That is what excitement can do for you, so find a way to become excitable about what you do. Listen to upbeat music, watch some motivational, look at inspirational pictures/quotes and do what you need to to facilitate the emotion.
  6. Have Better Dreams - Many people dream far too small. They dream about things that are reasonable and achievable but are not the things they truly desire. It is not surprising then that those people are not willing to work for it! If you actually wanted to make a million dollars but you are saying ten thousand is far more reasonable, will you really work with the same mindset? Will you struggle as long, grind as hard, and go as many extra steps for the 10k as you would for the 1M?
  7. Just Do It - At the end of the day, no matter what the other tips were or what you actually end up doing, the only thing that matters is that you work more. Forget the thoughts, the emotions, and the tricks and just sit down and do the work.You will not always feel up for it, there will often be other, better things you can do and sometimes your mind will make excuses sound like reasons. But it doesn’t matter. What matters is only what you actually accomplished when the day draws to a close. What did you do to make your life better? What did you finish at work? How productive were you really? You can blame everyone else, say that you do not know how to be more productive and come up with a million different reasons and excuses, but it will not change anything. What will change something is if you actually did something. Remember that!




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Just like muscles, the brain needs regular training to stay in good condition. Math, puzzles, riddles, etc could be a way out.




The Zen philosopher Alan Watts put it beautifully when he said those who think all the time have nothing to think about except thoughts so they lose touch with reality and live in a world of illusion.




Watch your thoughts, they become words, Watch your words, they become actions, Watch your actions, they become habits, Watch your habits, they become character. Watch your character, it becomes your destiny.