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Undergoing Abuse

Undergoing Abuse

Every relationship is different. Every person experience a different abuse. But nobe of it is right. Some perpetrators use children, pets, or other family members as an emotional leverage to get their victim to do what they want.

These victims take on so much.That over a period of time it is their reality because their trying to survive and doing as their told by their abuser is the only way to survive.

So many victims suffer long term from year's and years of living like this.


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My Name is LaNa' I'm a Child of God, Mother of four, A beautiful single outgoing woman, Survivor of Domestic Violence, On the rise to my greatness, building Surviving with Hope. Transforming the lives of oth others.

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How abuse impacts victims

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How they Act

Each abuser is different that's what makes each case of domestic violence different.

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