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Life is constantly in flux and there are no guarantees that your current way of life will still be available tomorrow. Look around you. Make the most of what you have now. Live a life that you will one day enjoy telling stories to your grandkids about. Whether you start with a problem focus or a solution focus will, ultimately, determine the quality of your outcome.

By honouring yourself in this way you will be working to become the best version of yourself — not the best version of what you’ve seen in magazines or on the television — not the best version of you that anyone else believes you can be — but the best version of you.

There is nobody else on this planet who is better at being you than he/she who is reading these words.

I am not suggesting that enlisting the help of others is futile — we are a highly interdependent species — but ultimately, this all comes down to you: It is you who needs to make that choice. It is you that needs to do the work. It is you that needs to take action. It is you that needs to knuckle down and do the work. It is you that needs you. It is you that needs to commit. Find yourself.

Do you think you’ll lie on your deathbed wishing that you hadn't been as true to yourself as you had been? Can you honestly say that you'll lay there wishing you hadn't tried as hard as you had? Will you regret all the times you had given something your all? As long as I continue living my absolute truth I know I won’t, and that is a guarantee.

Success really does all come down to mindset. Every single one of us is capable of far more than our mind may tell us we are. There is nobody that knows your truth better than you but there are some universal laws and principles that we can employ to nudge us in the direction of discovering this.

When personal development becomes your preferential source of entertainment you know you’re doing something right.

It is in not giving up that we learn far more about ourselves than we would if we were to continue believing the limiting self-talk that broadcasts inside our heads twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week; limiting talk that has been programmed by others who are inadvertently perpetuating their own self-limiting beliefs.

The decisions we make today will determine our tomorrow. When we are no longer afraid of giving something our all for fear of not being able to achieve it, doors will open that will lead further along the journey to becoming more in-tune with ourselves.

Invest some time establishing your truth. Read. Meditate. Workout. Be still. Be you. Nurture that fierce power inside of you that says, “I can and I will”; we’ve all got it inside us but it has been masked by years of social conditioning. It has been masked by years of taking on board other people’s opinions and accepting them as if they were our truth.

We can continue choosing the easy road that provides very little in the way of resistance/reward — forever being walked through the safe option and never actually getting what we want from life — continuing to victimise ourselves with whatever story we have written that excuses us from realising our true potential — or you can grab hold of the wheel and take charge of the direction your one life is heading in.

Whilst nobody can dictate how you should live your life, there are some general laws we can follow. Some supercharging guidelines that we can live by. Some guidelines that help us become more in-tune with ourselves.

I have worked on drawing up a schedule that nourishes me physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. Doing this has had such a profound effect on my well-being that it is one of the first things I recommend to others in an attempt to rebuild once they feel they are ready.

When we are no longer resistant to failing, no longer resistant to any part of the process that stands in-between us and what we desire; when we have the confidence to stand-up and remain completely true to ourselves — when we are committed to working completely in the moment — real change can, and does, happen.

Life as you knew it may have taken a dramatic shift and you may have had your preferences swept out from under your feet, but I truly believe it is within your power to start building a new — better — normal. It is well within your power to begin owning your life.

You will once again be you. Hell, you will be better than you. The real test comes from how well we can adapt to change.

This is not some bullshit idea that I’m talking about for my own benefit. This understanding has a timeless clarity that has been present for you to reconnect with throughout the duration of your adult life — all it requires from you now is a little focus to reawaken.

“We cannot change our past but we can most certainly change our future.” Go get at it. X

This all comes down to attention and where we choose to place it. This all comes down to attitude. This all comes down to action.

If you want something, fucking well take your hands out of your pockets and put in the work to make it happen. Nothing worth having ever comes easy but that is what makes it so satisfying when it arrives.

Failure is nothing to be ashamed of; it often means that we're pushing our boundaries; giving our all to something. It is often a reflection of giving our absolute best. It is often a reflection of our desire to succeed. With the possibility of great failure comes the possibility of great success, and both outcomes are right there waiting to be discovered…

A profound kind of strength lies deep within each and every one of us if we are prepared to stop and connect with it but instead, we race around from one thing to the next, endlessly being bombarded with distractions and never realising our true potential. We rattle around within limitations set by others and wonder why we always feel so powerless.

It is in pushing ourselves beyond thought that we are tapping into a strength not a lot of us are aware even exists. It is in pushing ourselves beyond thought, beyond all the noise and mindless chatter that keeps us held under the belief that we need constant noise and distraction to be someone, anyone — the layers that serve to mask our truth — that we can engage with a kind of strength that has been buried deep within us, patiently waiting, for the duration of our adult lives.

When pushing our boundaries and reaching into our own truths as opposed to those provided by those around us, we come one step closer to entering the highly sought-after state of Flow. We begin to realise that the only thing standing in our way is, was, and always has been, our own limiting beliefs.

Chase what you want as opposed to settling for what you can get. Listen to your truth and work on becoming more in-tune with that. This should be the most important thing in your life from this moment onwards.

Nobody can set limits on what you can or can’t achieve without your permission. Nobody knows you like you know yourself. You are in control of your own destiny.

At our darkest moments there lies inside us the potential to realise an overwhelming strength. When we feel as though we have been thrust into a space whereby we are detached from ourselves and completely out of options, it is important to remember that we are not. Our options may have changed, but there will be plenty still available to us…

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The Zen philosopher Alan Watts put it beautifully when he said those who think all the time have nothing to think about except thoughts so they lose touch with reality and live in a world of illusion.

Watch your thoughts, they become words, Watch your words, they become actions, Watch your actions, they become habits, Watch your habits, they become character. Watch your character, it becomes your destiny.


Just like muscles, the brain needs regular training to stay in good condition. Math, puzzles, riddles, etc could be a way out.