Other Tips From Jordan Peterson For a Better Life

  • Consider that any hierarchy creates winners and losers. The winners are more likely to justify the hierarchy and the losers to criticize it.
  • Understand that hierarchy is inescapable. The pursuit of goals lends life meaning and the collective pursuit of goals produces hierarch, as some are more competent than others.
  • Beware of single cause interpretations and t will hose who purvey them. Things are rarely as simple.
  • Understand that power is one of the fundamental motivational forces, not the only one.
  • Competenceshould be your measure of status,not power.
  • Understand that group membershipcannot capture individual complexity, signing up to it can be detrimental.
  • Don’t expect people to read your mind. In confrontations, tell them what you expectinstead of what they are doing or have done.
  • Try to face your challenges yourself, unnecessary dependence is dangerous.
  • Understand that harassment sometimesis just a veiled testof competence and character.
  • Accept that mostmature women want a man that will challenge and better them.
  • It’s important to ask why people don’t behave in a certain way as much as why they do. Our ancestors had behaviors and rules we often dismiss but doing so comes with the risk of introducing new or old problems.
  • Make decisions, here and now, even though the best means and goals can’t be discerned with certainty. An aim provides the structure necessary for action and reduces anxiety, because having no aim everything can mean anything or nothing.
  • Don’t expect external solutions to your problems, find the truth and devise ways to solve them yourself.
  • Identify your contribution to problems, fix them if possible and let others know you made a mistake.
  • Aim for Paradise, and concentrate on today.

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