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F-15 & L-15

  • F-15 stands for the First 15% of your talk. Use more of your fuel in this time, get more attention. In this section try to perform a practiced content with the known result (like - laughter) or may say something like this -

"What I'm going to tell, will change your life."

  • L-15 stands for the last 15%. Here you also can use practiced content or better you can summarise the talk or tell some key takeaways.


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Ramadan: Islam's holiest month

Learn more about communication with this collection

The spiritual benefits of fasting

The rituals and practices during Ramadan

The importance of community and charity during Ramadan

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Speech Map

Speech Map

  1. First, start with WHY? why this talk important. Use F-15.
  2. Go to WHAT? talk about the topic.
  3. Then HOW TO? talk about how this thing can be done.
  4. Finish with WHAT IF? or just like Q & A's.


How to Improve Productivity

How to Improve Productivity

The Ancient Rule of 20

This ancient rule is like the 80/20 principle that says our 20% activities give 80% of the result. You must try to incorporate more 20% activities into your life to fully respect your time.


A few questions related to various aspects of work:

  • Icebreaker: How has this last week been for you?
  • Productivity: Is there anything in your work life that you would like my help with?
  • Team: How is everything going with the people you are working w...

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