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Discover Your Destiny is a book that teaches you how to awaken your true self and live your purpose. It guides you through the seven stages of self-awakening, from hearing the call of your soul to receiving the gift of grace. It shows you how to overcome your fears, doubts, and limitations, and how to embrace your passion, intuition, and creativity. It inspires you to live a life of greatness, joy, and service, and to make a positive difference in the world. It is a book that will transform your mind and your life if you act upon its wisdom.

Greenlights by Matthew McConaughey is a book that invites you to join him on a journey of discovery, adventure, and wisdom. It is based on his personal journals, which he started writing when he was fourteen years old. He shares his stories, prayers, poems, people, and places that shaped his life and inspired him to find his own green lights. He calls it an “approach book”, not a memoir or an advice book12. It is a book that will make you laugh, cry, think, and act. It is a book that will help you catch more green lights in your own life.

The SMART framework helps individuals set clear, achievable, and relevant goals, with a sense of urgency, increasing motivation, focus, and chances of success. It clarifies goals, tracks progress, stays motivated, sets achievable goals, makes goals relevant and important, and sets a deadline for urgency.

This book will tell about how to set boundaries to our mental world.



A learner who loves to share wisdom on personal growth, happiness, and success on Deepstash. Topics include motivation, habits, goals, and mindset. Believes that everyone can achieve their dreams with the right attitude and action.


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