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The digital sabbath

It provides a reset time to consider what's really important.

Intentionally setting aside some time away from our screens and their interruptions can help us focus on the world outside our screens.


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Take your vacations

Many of us find it hard to take time away from the office due to the overflowing demands of our jobs but a change of scenery is good every now and then.

It's beneficial to separate yourself from the 'rat race' and vacations help us reset. Putting your self first is important and it can also...

Things to deprioritize

Intentionally take your focus away from distracting areas in your life.

  • Social media and entertainment. While they can add fun to our days, it's worth reducing how much time we spend on apps.
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Move your body

Movement is important to help us get out of our heads. Movement can include exercise or going for a walk or run.

Vigorous movement and exercising allows your brain to feel like it's getting away from what's bothering you.

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