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The Age Of Automation Is Now: Here's How To 'Futureproof' Yourself

The Age Of Automation Is Now: Here's How To 'Futureproof' Yourself

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The Age Of Automation

A technological transformation has been happening around the world for a few decades. Automation can potentially benefit us in highly innovative ways (like curing rare diseases, fixing global warming) but large companies have a different motivation for using technology: replacing workers.

The promised innovation and transformation of the businesses is still a pipedream and companies are simply trying to do the work more efficiently with fewer human resources.

Futureproof Categories Of Work

The following profiles are safe from A.I. and automation:

  1. Surprising Work: The kind of work that involves complex rules, unexpected variables and changing environments.
  2. Social Jobs: Jobs that involve making people feel things like healthcare workers, nursing therapists, social workers would be safe. It should have a level of emotional connect to qualify as a social job.
  3. Scarce Work: Work involving high-stake situations, a rare combination of skill sets, or super expertise would not be touched by automation/AI. Example: 911 can be easily operated by computers, but that work is still done by people, as one expects to talk to a person to help them with their emergency.

Algorithms Rule With No Accountability

Algorithms aren’t just for recommendation engines on Youtube but are nowadays used to determine many government and private job vacancies, marketing campaigns, public housing and benefits eligibility.

These algorithms are highly-priced and kept in the vault by companies. They are the new ‘secret recipes’ and no one knows how they work, as they don't have any accountability.

AI Revolution: Disappearing Jobs

Just like things weren’t smooth during the industrial revolution, the ongoing AI (Artificial Intelligence) revolution is also breaking a lot of eggs.

AI isn’t just replacing manual labour, but is also rapidly replacing repetitive cognitive labour, which are high-value jobs usually done by people with decent salaries and respectable profiles. The result is that old jobs are disappearing faster than new jobs are being created.

Being Human Not Machines

Throughout history, man has been programmed at school or in college to become more like a machine, in order to work efficiently. We are teaching our kids to learn computer science, to do engineering, to become productive, or to optimize their lives in the most efficient manner. It is almost as if we are being programmed to be like an android.

We should have been teaching them to be more humans, not machines.

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