(4) A Glimpse of Wakefulness| The Discovery of Bodhichitta - Deepstash

(4) A Glimpse of Wakefulness| The Discovery of Bodhichitta

“However, passion, aggression, and ignorance are not regarded as deep-rooted problems; they are simply phases we go through, like any other phase. But although they are simply phases, they are obviously obstacles. The problem with such situations is that they occupy your time and space, so they prevent you from being in a state of wakefulness.”


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(4) A Glimpse of Wakefulness| The Discovery of Bodhichitta

“The Mahayana begins with the discovery of bodhichitta, the heart or mind of awakening. Bodhi again means ‘awake,’ and chitta means ‘heart,’ or ‘mind’; so bodhichitta means ‘awakened heart.’ In Tibetan it is known as changchup kyi sem. Changchup

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