(6) A Glimpse of Wakefulness | A Taste of Enlightenment - Deepstash

(6) A Glimpse of Wakefulness | A Taste of Enlightenment

"Enlightened heart is expansive and awake. It is not territorial, and it does not demand that we gather our own flock of egotistic companions. When we look into that quality of basic wakefulness beyond our own territoriality, we find ourselves having a taste of enlightenment for the very first time."


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(6) A Glimpse of Wakefulness | A Taste of Enlightenment

"With bodhichitta, the heart or chitta comes first, and bodhi comes later: the heart awakens. So we begin by developing a particular kind of heart, one that is not connected with personal longevity, personal entertainment, or egotism. First we develop heart, and then we develop what heart is all ...

(6) A Glimpse of Wakefulness | A Taste of Enlightenment

"In the hinayana, we may have had a glimpse of gentleness, goodness, and precision, but we never had a taste of the mind clicking in and awakening on the spot, as it should. That has not yet happened. But in the mahayana, it is actually happening. That is why it is very important for us to join m...

(5-6) A Glimpse of Wakefulness | Relative and Ultimate Bodhichitta

"And in order to relate with spaciousness, or emptiness, you have to realize that there is no point trying to use metaphysical anologies or the language of nonreference point as another reference point; you just need to relate with yourself.

Bodhichitta is fundamental to the teachings of th...

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