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The Fears That We Are Not Facing

Having clutter isn’t bad, but the guilt associated with the burden of postponed decisions is the real culprit. We need to face our fears and find ways to get rid of the emotional and spiritual clutter. A few ways can be:

  1. Journaling daily.
  2. Meditating daily.
  3. Going out for a long walk in nature.
  4. Talking to someone.
  5. Taking positive action and moving forward.


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Overwhelmed With Clutter

Clutter can be defined as anything that keeps us from living the life we are meant to lead, anything that stops us from our accomplishments and the true joy of living.

We clutter everything. Our homes, cars, storage compartments, offices, phones, and even our minds are fil...


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Clutter Is Postponed Decisions

Clutter, whether physical, mental or spiritual, can be distilled down to delayed and postponed decisions and the constant procrastination going on in our lives.

Take the physical paper files and email cluttering our office (or home) and our computers. Each email or piece o...


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The Problem With Spiritual Clutter

Taking care of physical, emotional and mental clutter is hard enough, as our constant anxieties and thought patterns create a cobweb that paralyses us.

Spiritual clutter is even harder to take care of, as we don’t even know what is stopping us. It can be our guilt, our deep fears, ...


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Types Of Clutter

Clutter is not just the physical things but can be digital, mental, emotional and spiritual.

  • Physical clutter is the stuff we accumulate.
  • Digital clutter is our overflowing inbox and the thousands of files saved on our phone/PC.


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Whenever I have a problem I just sing, then I realize my voice is worse than my problem

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