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The Inevitable Wait Time

The Inevitable Wait Time

Any customer-service oriented company knows that managing wait times are crucial for their customer satisfaction and bottom-line. Whether on the phone, at the checkout counter, or in a restaurant, long wait times lead to a subpar customer experience and a drop in sales.

Customers' patience can be psychologically manipulated by selective colour choices (like blue), temperature, or the visuals that surround them during their wait times.

Nostalgia As A Waiting Tool

New studies reveal that customer’s patience levels increase when they are provided with a feeling of nostalgia, alleviating the negative effects of waiting long.

The experiment shows that being in a state of nostalgia relaxes us and puts us in a positive mood, as we remember a unique or favourite experience of the past, which we are unlikely to experience again. Example: A long waiting line at the checkout counter can benefit from 70s music playing in the background.

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