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Centers of Progress

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Centers of Progress

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Failure to Revise Drafts

Aspiring writers write a sentence, paragraph, or page, and then immediately edit it. All perfectionists are deep into self-sabotage.

The Cure

You want a full first draft. Then you start the revision process.


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Dreaming Not Doing

Writing should be a spontaneous activity—idea to page—but we dream too long and the idea is lost in the haze and never hits the page.

The Cure

Writers must outline their work.  We need to plan the major plot points, understand their characters in minute detail, and ...


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Making Excuses

Excuses for not writing. One common one is “Waiting for the Muse.”

The Cure

Plan your work and work your plan. I say, “Suck it up and be brave if you want to amount to anything as a writer.”


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Setting Unrealistic Goals

Some writers have a clear picture of what they want to writebut then they think that they are going to finish their manuscript in a week or month.

The Cure

The cure for this is to determine how many words you can write per day based on your schedule, then adjust you...


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Zoning Out

The classic way for writers to zone out is alcohol or drugs and today they seek hits of brain dopamine by constantly consulting their phones or sites like Facebook.

The Cure

Identify the self-sabotaging behaviors and refuse to be seduced by them. We need to get pleas...


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The first draft

The first words you write are the first draft. Writing is thinking. You'll rarely know what exactly you want to say when you start writing.

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[8] Know where you’re going

[8] Know where you’re going

You don’t “find the book as you write.” You have to do the hard work of solving the problem first. You have to figure out the best route, too. Before you start to write, articulate the idea in one sentence, one paragraph and one page. Nassim Taleb wrote in

Write in the first person

  • Writers at their most natural when they write in the first person.
  • Better to have an opinion and say 'I', 'we', 'us', 'me' than to take everything into a passive voice.
  • If you aren’t allowed to use “I,” at least think “I” while you write, or write the first draft in the fi...

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