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The Stages of a Sentence-Level Copy Edit

Key sentence-level copy edit tasks:

  • Look for wordiness and shorten
  • Find convoluted sentences and simplify
  • Remove jargon
  • Be precise
  • Focus on simplicity and clarity
  • Correct all grammar and syntax
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How to Copy Edit at Sentence-Level: An Editor's Guide


The Two Types of Foreshadowing

Direct foreshadowing is simply the most obvious way for an author to prepare the reader for an upcoming event in the narrative. This can be done through a prologue, a dialogue, a statement by the narrator, or through a prophecy.

Indirect Foreshadowing can take many shapes and forms. It can be purveyed by noting small changes in the environment, choosing a particular setting, including conversational remarks, or even mythical omens or superstitious beliefs.

What Is Foreshadowing: With Examples


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5 Most Effective Ways of Learning in Bug Bounty


  • Stop procrastination: Just do it.
  • Clear priorities: Set it and then start working
  • Finish line in sight: Make sure you can see the finish line in the near future, or work toward it faster
  • Build teamwork: Communicate & Delegate
  • Success: Celebrate once you met your deadline. So there's a nicer incentive

How to Supercharge Your Productivity For a Sprint


3 Do’s
  1. Do allow your reader to experience the world through your character’s POV.
  2. Do flesh out your world enough for it to feel real.
  3. Do engage your reader at the human level with objects that are familiar and character-centered.

3 Do’s and Don’ts of World-Building for Writers


Use you "Possiiblity Muscle". Write downn 10 ideas. The start executing the best, write out 10 ways to execute it. Then pick the best one and start off

How to develop the habit of creating ideas? - Options To Grow


  • Characters make us care
  • There’s a solid market for character-driven fiction
  • There’s no question whose story it is

Starting Your Novel With Character: 3 Strengths and 3 Challenges | Jane Friedman


Writing should be a spontaneous activity—idea to page—but we dream too long and the idea is lost in the haze and never hits the page.

The Cure

Writers must outline their work.  We need to plan the major plot points, understand their characters in minute detail, and then walk them through the plot.

The idea of being a Pantser—writing without a plan is a romantic notion.  Very few people are able to pull it off.

How to Stop Sabotaging Your Writing Efforts | VelocityWriting.com


  • If you can’t find any, you are probably looking for too similar of a comp. Look at aspects of a work that relate to yours- style/voice, themes, plot, or character quality/journey.
  • Focus your search on the last few years. You can go back up to ten years if absolutely necessary but if you do, pair the older comp with something more contemporary.
  • Try to find a comp that will show where you’re positioned in today’s literary landscape. 

How to Find Compelling Comps for Your Book | Jane Friedman


Expose Yourself Multiple Times to the Same Information

If you can be exposed to a fact, idea or procedure multiple times, you’ll retain it far longer than if you experience it only once.

The 10 Essential Strategies for Deeper Learning | Scott H Young



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