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Shaking off underestimation

When you are underestimated, it's vital to know that the situation has nothing to do with your capabilities. It might be triggered by racism, gender, age, etc.

Consider what you can control. You can't control how others behave, but you can focus on what you can control, such as your values.


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Important Lessons

Important Lessons

1. Values can't control our bad values to follow.

2. Don't believe that you know anything with certainty, for it keeps you from improving.

3. Trying to leave a legacy might run your life.

Trying to not give a f*ck about most of the things is that you'll be able to give one about...

Stop Trying to Impress People

Stop Trying to Impress People

Humans are not the object that you need to impress. They are neither worthy nor unworthy. They are just like you are.

You can't control others. Why not focus entirely on controlling your conduct and centering it around values that make you respect yourself?

Your expec...

Hold Values You Control

Hold Values You Control

Focus on things that you can control. See when people around you stay taking control of your life, you stop taking taking control of your little steps. Start taking small steps that you can control. They are intangible assets. With time they will compound which will make you shine among others.

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