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Always remember:

Profits are made in the buying, not in the selling.


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Introduction to Web 3.0

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What are taxable and non-taxable events?

What are taxable and non-taxable events?

Generally speaking, taxable events include:

  1. Selling cryptocurrency for fiat
  2. Trading cryptocurrency for another cryptocurrency (e.g., BTC for ETH).
  3. Spend...

Capital allocation

At some point, you've acquired enough wealth so that you're only moving around your resources. You will generate value and cash by selling one stock and buying another, or selling land and buying a cash-generating asset.

Successful investors put their wealth to work so that it will not onl...

Hashoshi's Trading Method

Hashoshi's Trading Method

  • Dollar-cost average to buy: buy consistently using small amounts without trying to time the market.
  • Take profits on all-time highs: take a % of the position selling over a longer period. Reverse dollar cost average. 
  • Keep profits in stable coins. Lend those coins to earn inte...

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