Moving Abroad: Staying Connected

  • Stay connected with family, friends and business back home by checking with your phone carrier for international plans, or buy SIM cards in your inbound countries for local calling.
  • For the long term, consider using a separate foreign phone.
  • Apps such as FaceTime and WhatsApp are cost-effective ways to connect with people.
  • Cloud services are often used for health records and other personal data you may need.
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  • Set up online banking for domestic fixed costs such as mortgages or other repayment loans.
  • Set up local bank accounts for paying utilities and cash on hand in your new home.


  • You'll have to file taxes in the U.S. for as long as you retain citizenship.
  • If you plan to work in the new country, take note of the local tax requirements.
  • Online services like TransferWise provide borderless transfer services.

Understand the health insurance requirements in your destination country and your status in your country of origin.

  • Permanent residency in a country may let you qualify for national coverage.
  • For those eligible for Medicare in the U.S., coverage may be affected if you live outside the country.

If you are relocating with children, explore options for local public schools and private international schools.

  • The International Schools Database is a directory with more than 2,000 schools in 71 countries.
  • Families in Global Transition and the Safe Passage Across Networks (SPAN) are resources that could be useful for families to transition across cultures.
What To Consider When Moving Abroad

With modern technology and resources, it is much easier to live in another country. However, there is more to consider than just packing your bags.

Each country offers a different introduction to expatriate life that should be carefully considered, such as vetting visas, health care, school tests, banking and taxes, and staying connected.

Anyone who won't be marrying a foreigner and moving to that person's country must note the visa requirements for their destination.

The U.S. State Department recommends contacting the embassy or consulate of your destination country months before you want to move.

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The sabbatical

The concept of the sabbatical has its roots in the Hebrew Bible. Every seven years, a sabbath year (rest) was commanded to give the land rest from agricultural activity.  

Similarly, our minds need to rest to be able to continue to grow.

Thinking about taking a sabbatical? Here's what you need to know

Get an early start on the day

Early hours are important because they tend to be free of most distractions and give you an opportunity to get focused. 

An early start will allow you to squeeze in more time for reflection, breakfast, exercise, and getting a jump-start on communication.

Daily Routines of Fortune 500 Leaders (and What You Can Learn from Them)

Communication is part of daily life. We use it to convey our ideas to other people so that they may understand our purpose.

There are 3 rules you can implement to improve your communication :

  1. Compose your sentence or ideas into three parts
  2. Try to explain a concept or ideas in three different ways
  3. Explain difficult concept or ideas three times to make sure people understand it more

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