Statistical Summary of the Population That Score High

Men tend to score higher than women on psychopathic traits (self-centered impulsivity, cold-heartedness, and fearless dominance).

In addition to this, people who are in managerial positions also score higher in general along with those who hold far-right beliefs or racist views.

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Self Improvement


Psychopathic Traits

More and more psychologists are realizing that people can score highly on one or more psychopathic personality traits without having criminal or violent tendencies, such as:

  • Self-centered impulsivity (how selfish you are)
  • Cold heartedness (who switched off you are from other people's suffering)
  • Fearless dominance (being less susceptible to fear, stress, and anxiety)
Successful Psychopaths

Fearless dominance (being less susceptible to fear, stress, or anxiety) is incredibly useful in certain lines of work from surgeons, special forces, elite sports, or political leadership.

Psychologists call these successful psychopaths.

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  • Psychologists, in general, provide assessment and therapy in a group format or individually. The purpose is to improve a persons' well-being.
  • Clinical psychologists typically focus on the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of mental illness.
  • Clinical neuropsychologists asses and treat people with brain disorders that affect memory, learning, attention, reading or problem-solving.
  • Psychiatrists are doctors who diagnose and treat people with mental illness and prescribe medications where needed.

What makes a good psychologist or psychiatrist and how do you find one you like?

Why selling ideas is hard

Generating creative ideas is easy. Selling them to strangers is hard. The ability to sell an idea has as much to do with the seller's traits as the idea's inherent quality.

Judgments about the pitcher's ability to come up with workable ideas can interfere with the perception of the idea's worth. That means that when you're preparing to pitch your idea to strangers, your audience will put you in a box. And in less than 150 milliseconds.

How to Pitch a Brilliant Idea

The Better Mind Map

Combining the Mind Map Technique with the Creativity Triggers Technique.

The novelty of The Better Mind Map is in the custom triggers tailored to a specific challenge. It is a template that provides structure for your early thinking  and customizable to suit your purposes.

The Better Mind Map: a quick technique to organise thinking and boost creativity

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