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paul graham

You will not become an entreprenuer by reading all the buisness books or courses but you will become one when you have a product that satisfies the customers itch


Learn the tech

Learn the tech

  • It's really easy to say in theory that we will outsource the tech as an 18-year-old Indian student after some motivational video
  • But in practice, it's way harder and complicated 
  • The first hurdle that you will face is no money to pay for developers 
  • Then you will run for funds without even an MVP and any product-market fit 
  • In this process, you will lose your precious time and if failed then you are left with no money or skill-set 

Not necessary 🙂

Not necessary 🙂

  • It's obviously not the right decision to learn to code if you have the idea of the next big thing and you have a strong belief in that idea 
  • And you have the money and contacts to get a team of software developers 
  • This is very unlikely if you are just another student like us 😀

For the student

For the student

  • But if you are a student and you don't have a concrete idea or a business plan then the best way you can utilize your time is by learning to code
  • You might be from any background learning to code is not limited to just CS students anymore 
  • This is the smart way of doing things as you will not only have the ability to build your own unicorn 🤯
  • But also will be a great fallback skillset when you stack up on your current skills and ability..... 😀

Importance of knowledge of tech

  • Learning the tech will not only save you lots of money 
  • It will ensure that there is no communication gap between the customer and you 
  • You will definitely need a team after some traction but not at the beginning you and your friends are enough 

sahil lavingia

You can't outsource the musicians if you want to start a rock band


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