Self Improvement


The Pillars of Brain Health

There are 5 actions you should follow when it comes to taking care of your brain:

  1. Move - have an active life, exercise
  2. Discover - learn new things often
  3. Relax - take breaks and give your brain time to rest
  4. Nourish - as the saying goes, "Mens sana in corpore sano"
  5. Connect - socialization is important
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Self Improvement

Keep Sharp

by Sanjay Gupta

Justice is a virtue of stoicism that puts one’s self-interest and personal good out of the equation, and puts the focus on the betterment of the world.

The virtue of justice is explained as:

  1. Not harming others.
  2. Keeping personal and private property separate.
  3. Thinking of others, not just of yourself. Everybody is important.
  4. Doing good to others.
  5. Embracing and following nature, contributing to society’s good.
  6. Being steadfast and truthful.


How to Keep Resentment From Controlling Us

For us to be able to keep resentment from controlling us, we must be open to the idea of emotional forgiveness into our lives. When we welcome this idea, it helps us to get rid of any negative emotions so that we may create a new psychological reality.

It also aids us in having more flexible thoughts, we are then available to see things from a new perspective may they be in the form or people, relationships, or projects, moreover, we can then manage our anger properly.

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