Problem Solving


Scott Adams

"Making comics is a process by which you strip out the unnecessary noise from a situation until all that is left is the absurd-yet-true core. A cartoonist has to accomplish that feat with as few as four short sentences."

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Problem Solving


How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big

by Scott Adams

We get better at thinking when we put our knowledge into practice. Doing and thinking work together. You learn something, and then you use that information to do something. The result is that you learn something new. It is a powerful feedback loop.

Better thinking takes strength. You have to be able to switch off to the noise around you and walk away from distractions. You also need strength to face the results and find better ways to do something.

It states that we approach those people, items, and events we believe can do us good and avoid those that can do us harm.

In other words, we move toward pleasure and away from pain. 

Once you understand a system, you can change some risk into uncertainty. Sometimes you can do this completely, but other times you can limit your range of uncertainties to a calculable level.

More knowledge allows you more controlled risk. However, sometimes, people overestimate their knowledge. They may think they understand a system when they really don't.

Smarter People Take More Risks | Scott H Young


A simple framework to cultivate the paradox mindset :

  • Reframe the situation you're facing. When considering tensions, think in terms of enhancement and enrichment.
  • Accept the tension and develop comfort with the discomfort. With a paradox mindset, acceptance allows for the understanding that these tensions are a natural part of reality, and that we all experience them to a certain extent.
  • Distance yourself and search for new possibilities. We can try to distance ourselves from the problem and connect with others to get a different perspective

Overwhelmed? Adopt a Paradox Mindset


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