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“Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans “

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Self Improvement

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2. In Pursuit Of Happiness

Sometimes, you may feel like you’ve reached a dead end and you are on the verge of giving up in life.

In pursuit of happiness will turn things around and give you the stamina you need to go on.

Chris Gardner goes from being a homeless salesman to the owner of a brokerage house with sheer determination and willpower.

It shows you just how you should never allow yourself to be a victim of circumstances.

Thought Provoking Muse By Louise Erdich

Life will break you.

Nobody can protect you from that, and living alone won’t either; for solitude will break you with it’s yearning.

You have to love. You have to feel. It is the reason you are here on earth.

You are here to risk your heart. You are here to be swallowed up.

And when it happens that you are broken, or betrayed, or left, or hurt, or death brushes near

Let yourself sit by an apple tree and listen to the apples falling all around you in heaps, wasting their sweetness .

Tell yourself you tasted as many as you could .

3. You used to be passionate

Earlier, you used to have things you were passionate about but now, may be struggling to find interest or enjoyment in it anymore.

Whether it’s creativity, writing, sport, or just your academic/professional performance in general, burnout can make it seem hard for you to do the things you once loved or felt passionate about.

You might even come to hate or resent it because of how much you overworked yourself and pushed yourself to the brink because of it.

Saying "No" With Humor

Saying "no" with humor will lessen the awkwardness and will lighten up the atmosphere.

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