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#1: Create a New Custom Report in Facebook Ads

Facebook ad metrics can be categorized into two: default and custome. The former already exists in Ads Manager while the latter is created ith different formulas in order to display data that isn't available to the standard ad account.

To measure the real impact of your Facebook advertising you must delete the following metrics:

  • Impressions
  • Quality ranking
  • Engagement rate ranking
  • Conversion rate ranking
  • 3-second video plays
  • Video percentage watched
  • Video average play time



The Photos That Sell

The obvious truth is that photos with people sell. In fact, most purchases are photos of people doing things. What things? The same ones as you do every day — people cooking, people walking, people shopping, people going to movies, people having fun, people driving, people working, etc. 

The fact is, you are three times more likely to sell a photo and collect some serious cash if your photo has just two components: 1) it has a person in a photo 2) it has a proper model release attached.



You’re Free, But You’re Not Really Free

Freelancing at first feels like an oasis between cubicle life and straight-up entrepreneurial freedom. But there's not much room for growth as a freelancer. 

The problem is at the core of freelancing itself, not in the money you’re making or the hours you’re working. You’ll never really be in control as a freelancer; you’ll be stuck in this perpetual cycle of winning clients, losing clients, and searching for clients again until the day you die.