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Thomas Bevan on starting a commonplace and Not defining growth with metrics

Thomas J Bevan — Avoiding the Middle Ground (EP.84)

Thomas J Bevan — Avoiding the Middle Ground (EP.84)

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The middle feels safe, but it’s dangerous and dull

You’re on Twitter all day but not doing anything of meaning with it

You play guitar but have no purpose or method for improvement, and you wonder why you can’t progress. Side hustles that don’t develop any skills or money income.

On the other hand, the edges are free even though you f...


Those at the middle of the curve, being insecure and unsure of its position in the game of life, are always striving.

Either aim for Either ascetic simplicity or all-out ambition.

Avoiding the middle is choosing between two extremes. Whatever the road you’re going to take, take that road with determination and fully commit

Also, you can do opposed things at the same time (read “trash” and do it guilt...

The Idea of a Commonplace Journal

Commonplacing is the act of compiling knowledge for future reference. 

Benefits of commonplace journaling:

  • The best first step for aspiring writers
  • Organize your thoughts and generate new ideas
  • Get to know yourself and what you think; it’s a low-pressure context b...

Because it feels more comfortable in the short term. When you don’t challenge your views, the world is less complicated. It may seem like a good strategy, but any strategy that involves being static leads to disaster.

Things can’t stay like that indefinitely, and that’s why you need epistem...

It’s impossible and makes no sense to spend your life “avoiding” suffering (that’s some middle ground bullsh*t).

Writers are sometimes stereotypically portrayed as quiet and depressive. In a way, this is the side effect of diving into “the depths” of your being.

But, if you can grab t...


He [Who] Knows the “Why” for His Existence… Will Be Able to Bear Almost Any “How”

Jim has seen every European capital from London to Paris to Berlin on foot. Walking is the only way to truly understand a city

Thomas walks at least a couple of hours a day; it’s where he gets his best ideas.

You are thinking at the speed you are walking at; the motion and the fresh a...

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This is something I struggle with from time to time, putting it out there to serve as a reminder.



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