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Ion drives are real life engine propulsion technologies similar to impulse drives used in the fictional Star Trek universe. They operate continuously due to low-power consumption, like the Dawn spacecraft sent to dwarf planet Ceres in 2007. It lacks the quick acceleration ability of the fictional Impulse drives, but is promising nonetheless.

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Self Improvement


Neo, the protagonist of the Matrix, is pushed into the rabbit hole when he takes the red pill to embrace the real reality, instead of the blue pill, which is a way to return to the normal, ignorant reality most of us live in.

This choice itself was based on a 1974 thought experiment by American philosopher Robert Nozick, pondering how an experience machine, by which we can have any reality we desire(a comfortable illusion) would be better than our current reality, with all its problems.

How to build general skills

People that develop expertise in multiple areas are able to solve a wide range of problems.

The key is to gain broadly valuable skills:

  • Breadth comes from specificity. General skills are built from large libraries of specific knowledge.
  • Deeply understanding more abstract ideas extends the range of your knowledge.
  • Visible knowledge is built on invisible ones. The easy facts depend on skills that are harder to spot.
  • Practice in various real situations because knowledge is not always expressed.

In 1893, New Zealand was the first country to give women the right to vote. It was revolutionary at the time.

Since then, New Zealand has had three female prime ministers. Women have held each of New Zealand's key constitutional positions in government. New Zealand has also had a female governor-general, speaker of the House of Representatives, attorney general, and chief justice.

Engaging critically in sociological concepts (like female genital mutilation, honour killings, forced marriage) using spoken word, rap, dialogue and similar mediums of expression is the staple of many workshops.

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